About 3 weeks ago, I tried X for the first time. My boyfriend and love of my life has only done it a few times, and only once in front of me in the past year and two months we've been going out, but he wanted me to try it with him. I've always been curious about it, and I knew I'd probably try it at some point. Anyway, we went to his dorm room with a bunch of friends and everyone was drinking or smoking weed or rolling, some all three. Well I decided I try it. I was kinda scared, but I did anyway. My boyfriend had taken a clover shaped pill that was cut out. He was feeling really good and wanted me to touch him alot, so of course I did. The pill I took was a white pill with a star on it. It wasn't too good. I could tell b/c everyone else was feeling good all over there body. I on the other hand was just sorta feeling happy. I smiled the whole time and my eyes were of course huge, but other than that I didn't have any feeling and it lasted for about 4 h! ours. I have to say my first time sucked. I did however have amazing sex with my boyfriend that night, but that is always amazing. All in all, I wouldn't do it again, well at least not with a white star. ;)