i never did drugs..just drank and smoked.....when my best friend and i wanted to experiment we called a close guy friend of mine up for a hook up with some pills. we took the pills and he stayed to take care of us...we took half a pill and me being the lightweight with EVERYTHING was hit in 15 minutes by half a pill. my poor friend couldnt roll for at least 2 hours while taking more and more pills and drink and drinking. what am amazing feeling!! no words can describe it. everything is so beautiful and everything feels good. one of my friedns ran his hand on my leg and it was the best feeling, and u open up to people majorly, i was telling my best friend how much i cared for her and what she meant to me. even though i woke up feeling a little sick the next mroning, i wanted to do it again. just imagion you heart pounding, your body tingling, your smile never falling, it is the most amazing thing in the world. i think eveyrone needs to try it at least once....keep rollin and dont get addicted!!!!