Fuck E!! Thats all I have to say.Last weekend i tried E for the first time and i thought that it was going to be great and I would have a good time but nope i didn't. I was at my friends college and we were going to roll that night me had to wait for this guy to come through. He took like 3 hours so to pass the time we were drinking and smoking. I was compleatly shitfaced before the E even got there. But once it was i was normal agian. Being that this was my first time i waws only taking 1. I took a 007 and it took at least 2 hrs to kick in. I sat back in a chair with a frend of mine and was waiting for something to happen. While i was waiting I got a backrub witch i'm not gonna lie it was great. But then I started to feel really bad bout everything that was going on. I'm only 17 and i was have the feeling of a 60 yr old. I was worrying bout eveything.I just wanted to go home. But no the guy that was gonna brink be home passed out. So then i started thinking oh my god why do people like this so much? Then i finally realized that you really dont have to deal with any of ur problems because you really don't carr what the fuck is happening. I Just wanted out. Because i did'nt want it i think that the drug plaed a trick on me i was rollin for 9 hrs. To get to the end of it all rollin made me fell like i was seeing top much. maybe it was the drinking because for a girl i think i had way to much to drink. i don't know what to think. I don't know if i wanna do it agen!~?//