Rollin Hard =) oh boy E.

Ive been a smoker for about 7 years solid I am 18 and live in Southern Califorina (LA). We goto my friends house one day and start takin the bong tokes with some good ak-47.We also had a G of coke that we put on the weed and did several mini lines :) Then nighttime rolled around, as stoners usally do they just sit there and do nothing at all but watch some jackass play video games or eat food you can't afford. But my friend has a bag full of pills (double stacked mustangs) now I once said id nerver do E but shit the night was fading so I took one. Nothing for about 2 hours...... 3rd and 4th hour roll by and I took another cause nothing was happening. But oh golly that 5th hour had to be the funnest thing of my life. I couldn't speak worth half a shit , my eyes were stuck to the top of my head and I was talkin to people id nerver met that droped by to see what was up.. I had a jolly time. Then the next night we rolled again but just one pill for me that time and I didn't really feel it long but it was still cool. Im doing it again tonight (week later) but this is gona be the last for awhile. (gota save my brain for a bit longer) but anyway thats my E experiance