I started doing E in November 2000. Since then, I think I've done it on average of like once a month. The last time I did it was New Year's Eve 2001. It was so great when I first started doing it, it got better & then it got boring. (not necissarily boring, but not as intense) I started taking more & more pills & realized if I need to spend that much money on it, I should take a break for a while. Especialy since I started tensing up & clenching down on my teeth if someone even mentioned rolling. I do think E is an awesome drug, but I hope that everyone knows their limits & know how to keep in control of themselves. Whenever we couldn't get it for a night we had planned on doing it, we would get so bummed out & wouldn't have any fun w/o it. It's been like 5 months since I've done it now & I am really looking forward to doing it again soon. My own opinion is that if you're going to do E & you like it, & you find yourself doing more & more of it at a time in order to have enjoy it, TAKE A BREAK!! Save yourself some $ & brain cells.