Not the first time trippin but by far the most intense night of my life. It started at Height/Ashbury getting some doese before a pink floyd lazer light show in golden gate park. Dropped 2 hits and headed for the park,, about an hour later (feeling nothing), went back and score 2 more hits, (and a couple extra for another time) no four in me,about 45 mins later still nothing so I took one more and smoked a joint,,that is where it started, A bomb went off in my head,, and let me tell you,, I was in sensory overload,,ill skip the adventure in line to get into the light show,,once inside,, i sat down in the back row and looked up and at first was disappointed cuz the show already started,,, (so i though) it was amazing,, flashes of light dancing all around me,,,i leaned over to a friend and told him how intense the lazers were and he replyed that we still had 15 mins before the show started,, i broke into uncontrollable laughter.. Once the show started,, WOW!!! there! is no way to describe what i experienced in words,,the most amazing visuals I have ever experience in my life. it was as if I was underwater completely surounded by very bright illuminescent creatures..all dancing in rythm to pink floyd. I felt like i was in suspended animation. I could see and hear more than ever but I couldnt move. and the smile on my face must of been as big as the jokers,, cuz the next morning my all the muscles in my face were so sore. After the show I managed to make it to my car and jumped in,,as soon as i did,, i realized that there was no way in hell i could drive, I felt like i was inside a bubble warping around in the wind.. after about 2 hours i decided to have a go at driving. It started out fun but then this is the only part I didnt like and scars me thinking about it to this day. I hit a fog bank on the way home and as soon as i entered it i stopped the car and we were in my driveway at home. when we entered the fog we were still about 15 mil! es from home.. (never drove trippin again). The rest of the evening was almost as intense as the light show. The ceiling was dripping on my (I could even feel it)and I got to a point where i felt like my head was too big for the room i was in and spent the rest of the night sitting in a lounge chair on my roof,, haviing the time of my life,