oh my gosh! i rolled for the first time this weekend,i was scared at first because i had seen bad things about x on mtv and stuff. but i went for it when my friends convinced me to. we went to this after hours techno club and about 10 minutes after i had taken one i started to feel amazing. i was the happiest i had ever been in my life,i wanted to talk to everyone there. and the slightest touch felt so good and would make me scream. one of my friends gave me a flower and i sat there and smelled it for like an hour and it was the most beautiful thing in the world to me at that moment,i ran outside and it was raining and i just danced in the rain in the middle of the street at like 4 in the morning,and it felt so awesome. i was so happy. i got on stage and danced in front on everyone,and i didnt care what anyone thought about me and whether or not i was actually dancing good. it was amazing,and i'm definitely going to roll again this weekend.