I was starting all over again. I had a new school soon and a couple new friends. I had not moved I was just coming to public school from a private academy. My best friend always used to try to get me to do the drug and I would tell him no but boy when I gave in. It was at a day time house party, and if there is anything better than rolling at night it is eating three red euros during the day. Well I had eaten one and I worried to death for the first thirty minutes and then all of a sudden I felt it I shot pool and danced for it seemed like ever the I ate my other two and I was good to go for eight more hours I eventually came down but I first went and had sex with three of my ex girlfriends (LOL) and I rode around with my friend (at night now) on the high way. al those lights DAMN I was glad I did not drive and once more jason THANKS BUDDY!

but of course with any other drug the key to survival is knowing your limits have friends to tell you "hey man watch out" LISTEN TO THEM I if you over dose it is your fault the key to having fun is to push the envelope a little at a time.

so everyone out there
will you buy me a water?