extacy...well, the little you get of it in pills anyway! i started taking them with an old boyfriend of mine, it was absolutely fabulous! my first time wasnt so good, i took 1/2 a vesarchie, it did fuck all, but i carried on! my buzzes were great, i had loads of energy, i was extremely loved up, i had a great boyfriend and i met so many new ppl!i couldnt ask 4 better nights out!

when me and my boyfriend split i started taking it as escapism, i ended up with a problem, but i got over that!i wasnt having the same buzzes i was having when i started, i was being sick alot, etc!

more recently iv been being very careless with pills, iv realised you really have to know what your doing, exactly what your taking, i fucked up last weekend and i still dont feel quite right, i mixed pills with ketamine, which iv realised is a dangerous drug!you have to understand how drugs effect your body! theyre not all ...yay...buzz...sorry this sounds like im trying 2 make a morel out of my story!im not, im just alot less nieve now than i was when a started!they can mess you up in a big way!it only takes a couple of years of use!my ex boyfriend cant stop taking pills now because his depression would be too much 2 handle, hes 20 now!

im a completely different person now than what i was b4 i started doing drugs!everything has changed about me! and im only 16!