The E True Story

I am 25 years old and have never taken anything in my life. Okay Okay other than maybe a little pot and that was only twice! So I was with my best friend at a house party he was having. A friend of his brothers was there. Now the best way I can explain this is to tell you that if you have never taken E, and plan to make sure the person you get it from is someone who understands how you feel about taken it the first time, and someone who explains what happens. I sat down with ( let's call him Dave ) So I sat down with dave and asked him side effects. So he told me " You won't be able to sleep tonight, you will need a lot of water, and never take it from someone you don't know" So I said okay, now explain the steps to me. " Your fingers will first go numb and tingle and then your head will float and you will go completely relaxed" So I took 1. Now I would not have if my best friend wasn't around. I would say that if you are going to take this drug for the first time then take it when you are alone, with a really good friend. Here is what I did. When I get drunk my head spins and then always my stomach is next, and then well you know, everything finds a way out. So sitting around a campfire is when it hit me. It took about 45 mins. My fingers when extremely tingly and then my head went kind of floating but almost like you are very drunk. I looked over at my best friend and said " This isn't good anymore." Totally expecting that I was gonna blow my cookies. So he threw a bottle of water at me and went as white as a sheet. SO then I just said I am gonna pee. I went inside and went to the bathroom. Afterwards I thought " Okay the head feeling isn't gone, I will just go take a nice hot bath". BUT...when it's your first time, you tend to trip out on yourself a little worse than usual. So my best friends brother was in his room and I knocked on his door and told him I was going to take a bath cause I was tripping a little more than I expected too. After! I got in the bathroom he immediately went and got my best friend. He came running up the stairs and knocked on the door. I told him to come in and he came in and sat on the floor. I will not say the experience was awful or really all that bad. I just sat in a bathtub ( which I will say I thought was burning hot even though it felt midly warm, I was a little scared I was going to brun my skin and not feel it ) SO I sat there for almost an hour. Then when I got out I had the shakes and wrapped up in a blanket and hit the couch. Couldn't sleep but was fine a while later, well okay the next evening really. All I can tell you is if you are going to try E, if it is you and a girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure that someone is in the house with you that isn't taking it, but knows that you are. So if you trip out a little somebody is there to help you through it. The thing with E is that you don't go stupid. You don't feel like you have lost control, you just feel about 1000 times more relaxed than you would have. I would not recommend trying it more than once, as my life is very hectic and busy and I needed a release and it was a great one, but also one that I know now could have made me highly addicted to that release. I would say try it once, in a controlled setting ( meaning with your friend to watch over you ) but please remember not to go crazy with it, just because it is there and you can. If you have any questions about my experience or would like to know more please feel free to email me at Again, please be careful with this drug and remember that even though the feelings are gone right now, they will be back when it is over.