It's sooo good, yet be moderate.
E is absolutly the best drug I have ever expierienced. A word of warning for the newcomers. E can make you emotionally a mess. The five rules(for me) of E are:
1. Never overdo it, start with a half and a do another half every 2 hours after. Trust me it will kick in. KABAM!!!
2. Make sure you haven't had too much alchol before or else you'll be throwing up money and feeling shity.
3. Make sure you drink water, but not too much. (Yes you can actually drink too much water) I suggest 1 or 2 bottles per hour.
4. Make sure you can handle the after-effects of E. For a few days you are going to feel really depressed and quite sucky. Don't do it if people are going to notice or it affects your life in a negative way.
5. It's really addictive so be ready to have fun again and meet new people, but don't do it too often or the novelty will wear off! I promise. Make E the thing you look forward too, not the drug that controls you.
Till we meet....
"A stanger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

Jenna..............hugs n'stuff