The first time I took E was with a friend who was also taking E for the first time and with some other friends. We were on our way to a club. I thought to myself, this isn't doing anything for me, then as soon as I walk in the club after getting my ID check it hit me and hit me hard. I found myself standing in the middle of the club with people all around me, a started to feel sick and wanted to leave the club at first. I was in la la land, I didn't know what the *uck was going on. I felt like I was on a different planet, I couldn't hardly walk, I missed every other second. Time went by so fast... the next thing I know We're at this rave and it was awsome.. I was walking toward the like like a zombie! The music was great, I was talking to everyone. This shit is no joke though... I did E every other week for 5 months. It's an awesome feeling but the physical damage will catch up with you. By the end of the year I found myself a nervous wreck. I was h! aving panic attacks and chests pains. The last two times I did E the hangovers were unbearable. They lasted over a week. I was in a constant state of panic. I was in a living hell. I haven't done E in over a year and I'm still not fully recovered. Maybe taking 2 and 3 tabs is too much. I just hope I can recover physically. I will not ever do E again but I have a completly new outlook on life now and still love techno!