A story of Angela's drug habits. I started smoking weed when i was 13, rolled for my first time at Firestone with my girl ashley at 14 (omg that the only drug i have trouble living without) um...i dated a guy who was dealing X for about 7 months which gave me the oppertunity to roll every day...so i did. i also gave shrooms, yay-oh, that stupid bitch crystal, any type of script or over the counter pill a try...special K, half a cap of G (only 1ce, i'm a girl ya know) opium and basically anything i could get my hands on. i can remember waking up so many mornings...or never sleeping for days and days..and not remembering where i was. i could spend 3 days somewhere and it would seem like i was there for an hr. me and Josh (my bf at the time) loves to try as close as we could ODing as possible. not on purpose of course-- but at the time if we died who cared?? i can remember soem really good times -- haveing conversations with fish, being attacked my orange, yellow, purple and blue frogs, hearing voices, hearing frogs in the bathroom, spending 8 hours in the bath room of best western on over 8 tabs (mix and match) talking to the one you love and seeing that they love you so much, and then realizing that you have spent 9 hours in the bathroom. you and a friend taking $300 worth of tabs and rolling for about 20 mins because your tolerance is to high, spending hours in the club dealing, being thrown on cars by cops, getting your money stolen, techno dancing, feeling the music take over your body, seeing all the lights in the club mix together and become one, single red light, massages, making new freinds, sex, the taste of a tab when you snort it, the taste of anything wen you snort it (eww) the smell of glass, the feeling of coke when it goes down and you cant feel anything above your waste, nose bleeds, fights, seeing people roll for there first time and kowing that you made it happen and listening to them tell you they love you for it and its the best thing in the world and seeing first timers take a half and not be able to walk, while your on 6 and barly rolling, not to mention all the k or meth you did with it, friends changing on you -- you changing on your best friend-- ppl telling you to slow down and you break there heart by breaking promises, the look on your moms face when she finds out her 15 year old daughter is a druggie and a dealer, when she sees the tracks that will never go away, when you have to watch your momma cry on your arm by your bed when you are going though withdraws. drugs are fun, but if you let them get out of hand you dont realize what your doing and how much you;ve changed and hurting people. i said i would never get that way, it only took about a year for my life to slide down hill and you dont realize when you need to stop until its to late. i'm glad i learned my lesson at 15..if any1 needs to talk i'm here