First time taking E was an experience i will NEVER forget. One second i was sitting on the couch smoking a joint and all of a sudden my stomach got churny and i had this adrenaline rush and soon the colors became more visiual i felt as if i was in tune with the music, i couldnt smell much because i snorted the pill and let me tell that is one nasty drip. YUCK! i loved everyone in that room rolling with me, even though before i started there was someone their whom i didnt like but when i started to roll it didnt matter to much anymore. i never really got into dancing but i love to socialize. my first time i only took one pill after a couple hours my peak had left and i didnt want to end so into the bathroom i want openend up my purse took at some cash and ate 2 more pills. things were much different this time. The music got better i got happier the colors were amazing. i didnt socalize much this time though cause i was Fu%*^ed up. The effects were now turning acid like but with this amazing feeling in my body. With the water bottle in my hand i sat on the couch for hours just enjoying the high. YOu know its all good til you come down. LIFE SUCKS THEN. My jaw hurt, i was depressed and i wasnt tired. it was an amazing experience though so i have continued in moderation, though through doing a lot of research moderation doesnt matter much this drug does mad damage on your can recover though, you must first stop taking the wonder drug! the next day is when it hit me though cause i had no money left and i felt like SHIT! but i thought DAMN i had a good night! well thanks for letting me babble about my e experience. i dont know if i said this but yeah you can tell people all about but talking about and taking the drug are two completly different things. play it safe people SMOKE WEED!