Ok, i rolled my first time easter 2002 then i did it the next 5 days in a row skipped a day dd it again and spring break was over...but that was just the beginning since theni havnt gone a week without rollin at least twice anyways the story im getting at was my first night at my first festival hookahville spring 2002 buckeye lake music center i thought i was in a dreamworld i walked through the crowd and peaple would whisper in my ear rolls,shrooms,doses,nuggets,ect. so i bought 3 hits of acid on green gels an eigth of shrooms two rolls white butterflys to be exact anyway i was ready for the show itook 2 his of acid and waited about an hour and they werent working and the show was just starting i was pissed that i wasnt fucked up so i ate my 8h of shroomds and took one of my pills a half hour went by of me waitin at my campsite for the drugs to kick in everyone was walking down to the show now we went to my friend joshes campsite we got there and were hedding off to the show when i popped my second pill aboutone minute later boom everything hit e at once my first candyflip when it hit me i started freaking i was talking to my friend kyle saying that i was nervous about all the drugs wheni got hit harder than ever it seemed likewe were walking for hours but we wre only halfwa to the stage ipaniced i couldnt see i couldnt talk without shakingmy teth so bad that noone could undersatnd what i was saying i fell in the mud because it was s slippery i could even walk with someone holdingme up i thought i was going to die laying in the mud at hookah when allof a sudden i cold see clearly again but when i looked to the sky it was black no stars or moon cause it was 630 on a smmer night! then the sky started gradualy getting lighter the brihter it got the clouds started swirling togther this lasted about ten minutes of the sky getting lighter me laying in the mudstaring up until the sky was a huge psychadelic swirl pattern then all of a sudden it turned off, i wasnt panicd anymore until nightime fell then i started freaking out again from aout 9.30 that night until about 1.00 or 2.00 i was seening things that were not there ... ill never candyflip again