Everyone Please Read... X-----to good to be true

Hey guys, as i was reading alot of your posts, I want to write about my expeirence with X. I started rolln almost a year ago, and boy it was my new hobby. Yeah i was having (what i thought then) the time of my life. staying up till 6 in the morning taking pill after pill, i loved the way i was feeling. i was so happy. I thought i was so cool, rolln every weekend, at parties, friends houses, anywhere. After rolln weekend after weekend and an empty wallet, i decided maybe i should slow down. me and my friends stopped doing it as much in the middle of summer, basically cuz there were the same kind of pills around and we were all broke. In the beginning of this past summer i rolled seven times in a ten day period...thats not to healthy at all. but what i did i care, i loved the attention, i loved everythign about it. then reality struck in: my parents caught me. all their trust in me was taken away. i wasnt their lil girl anymore. instead i was one big disappointment to them. Ecstasy has made me very depressed. You can NEVER get your serotonin back (you know the stuff that x releases in your brain when your rolln..it controls your mood,sleep, happiness level) anyways- Ecstasy is fun, and is to easy to get caught up in, as i learned. Yeah I had fun when i was rolln, but now without it, im so unhappy and all i think about it rolln again. i havent rolled in two months, and im trying my best not to, even though my friends are planning a rolln party next month, i think im going to do it, just periodically, like three times a year. I think people who chose to do ecstasy should only do it very few times a year, and spread it out. Rolln all the time is not cool, cause once you stop doing it as much, your gonna realize what the damage on your body is, and your gonna regret it. Im just trying to warn you guys what i thought never would have happened to me, you only hear these stories from people, you never think it could happen to you. I lost so many friends! to this drug, and total respect from my parents and family. Please guys...just be careful and be aware it seriosuly messes with your moods and happiness.