I had never done any chemies before and my new boyfriend couldn't wait for me to take my first E. We had long talks about how he couldn't explain it to me but I'd understand after I tried it. We're on the way to the party I wasn't going to know anyone there so I decided to get a head start. We were told the pills were very strong so I only took 3/4 of a pill. I didn't feel much off of the bit I took but I was feeling something. We get to the house and went down stairs, everyone there were wonderful. We went into this "magic" room, lights everywhere, D.J spinnin' I was in awe. We did some K and enetered a K-hole by accident, when we came to, everyone was gone so we went outside I asked for another E and I took it. We didn't know it but everyone was gone swimming. We sat by the fire and my boyfriends touch began to feel amazing I wanted more and more and more, he jokingly said "if you have the uncontrolable urge to have sex with me just let me know" Haha. I remember staring into his eyes saying "why didn't you tell me this was so amazing" he smiled and said "I told you I had to show you" Turns out there was a lot of acid in the E and right when it really started to kick in all the people returned and sat around the fire and it felt like they were all there for me. I feel E has brought my boyfriend and I closer together, he's shown me something I never knew existed. I agree moderation is the key.. so everyone be careful but have FUN!!!!!!!!