The first time i ever rolled was the summer after freshmen year of high skool.My friend had done it a couple of times before that, and she told me that if i loved smoking weed then i would adore one summer day me, my friend, and another first timer all took a pill. my friend told me it wouldnt hit me for like an hour or 2 so we all headed to the mall. we were in the car and a little more then half way there it hit me. i felt as if i was in a crazy ass dream. the pill had hit me and my friend within a half hour. we got to the mall and we started to bug out hard as hell. we were laughing in peoples faces, my friend was stealing everything she could get her hands on, and my other friend got her palm read. after we left the mall we went to a town fair. i seen all these people from skool and they we all like "why do u look fuked up, what are u on". i felt soooo amazing, i was so happy and energized, and i loved everyone. i had rolled about 6 or 8 more times that summer, but nothing compared to the first time.i havent taking a pill in almost 2 years, but tomorrow night i will be rollin again and hopefully it will feel just like the first time.