my first time rollin was GREAT on christmas!!!!! me and like 3 other friends popped a "bad boy" and they were in seperate bags all broken up so i thought the dude might have been fukin around but i was wrong. about 45 minutes later i found myself laying against a speaker box in my own little world. every bitch i saw looked hot as hell (now i look at them sober and its like wow that drug really effects your vision) any way i spent 25$ on the pill and i commenced to spending the rest on weed which did absolutly nothing because when your rollin nothing else effects you so after that my friend had a half barrel that was about 3-4 days old and we then started doing keg stands which was the funnest thing ever even though the beer was flat as hell,so then me and my cousin take off to his moms house and she was there , she was cool with it though because she used to do mescaline, acid , crack and shit, and we walk in and shes like what are you guys drunk or what we just start laughing, forgeting i even drank anything which was like 5 min before hand, then the other part of the crew shows up rolling there ass off. so then we go and sit in my cousins room and just sit there and stare at a candle in a dark room for like 2-3 hours. this drug is great but dont have money you dont want to spend on you, because you will end up spending it