For almost a year a few of my friends had been trying to make me do E, I had nov desire and therefore waited untill two nights ago. I knew I was ready and couldn't wait to feel this new sensation everyone had talked about. Myself and the Yager each popped a white smiley face around 6 and then just kinda sat around at my friends house for about an hour. I talked to my friend earlier telling him what I was up to that night and he said to stop on by. On the way to his house about an hour and a half later we were all listening to Sublime and then it hit me. A sudden sensation that my body had never felt befor. Way different from any onther drug I have done. I loved it there were no words to describe the feeling. At my friends we sat around played super Nintendo and said whatever the hell we were thinking, it was mad fun. That was only a small portion of the night I rolled for about 6 hrs besides sweating like a god damn beast it was all good I loved it. That was my fisrt time I am deffinitly going to do it real soon. E is allot of fun but remeber to use it in moderation. Accessive use leads to accessive damage and just another boring drug. Stay safe and have fun!!!!