My first time rollin, i was waiting for one of my friends to get back to the dorms and all my other friends were rollin. Now, i didn't knwo anything about X at all and one of my girls was like hey you should do this instead of worrying about M....So i took it(it was a triple stack Fisher) I didn't feel anything for awhile and we were watching tv when all of a sudden the tv screen started to shake. I made one of the guys change the channel and that channel was shaking too! I was like hey the tv keeps shaking...they all started laughing and were like girl you're rollin! haha it was great! we went driving around town and the lights and the cool air just were so awesome. facials and massages and a couple of bowl hits later, i was still doing really great. the jaw clenches were pretty bad the first time, and it really freaked me out. I wasnt' sure why i couldn't get my jaw to stop clenching up and i started to get really upset but then calmed down a little as i started to come down some. all in all it was an awesome roll..of course, first time's always the best!!! :)