Ecstasy isn't a large part of my life, but I can say it is something I have enjoyed. There is nothing like a random night with friends and some rolls. I was the straight laced girl who never had smoked a cigarette much less weed or even been in any contact with any drugs till my freshman year of college. Oddly enough, it was with my high school friends that I first found rolling.

One of the best times I can remember is when myself, my best friend from college and some old friends ended up going to an Aphrodite rave. That was one of the best nights of my life! I took one white eure and was set. I was the most *ucked up that nite and it wasn't even my first time. I acted like a child all night. I hugged all my friends and loved everyone. I spent the night with my best friend, who turned out to be the best friend ever. I love her so much and am so thankful she is in my life. we had the best time. I even got seperated from everyone but they found me in front of all the lights, chewing away on my pacifer. (There is nothing better than bright lights and a paci!) Not to mention, I told my friend that I really liked this girl's hair, which was dyied with black light sensitive stuff and I wanted to touch it. My friend was just like ASK and I did. Ravers are such nice people and the girl didn't mind me touching her hair. :) That was probably one of my best nights rolling.

As crazy as this might sound, I also got engaged one night while rolling. It wasn't the drugs that did it but it gave my fiancee the courage to ask. That was the best night of my life rolling with my soulmate. And we are still engaged and planning a wedding for next year. So for all of you out there who say this drug is evil, its only evil when you misuse it and don't use moderation! Keep Rolling!