my first experience with E was the summer going into grade 11. I went to this campground which was a 3 day rave. I went with my new boyfriend and it was his first time too. we each took 1 pill. it hit me pretty fast, about 25 minutes. the rush was incredible. there was an incredible dj at the one end of the campground, there were lasers and fiberoptic lights at his site. we felt the music going pulsing through our bodies. thier were ppl dancing with glowsticks for us. right when we were at our peak we poured a bottle of water over our heads, it was so amazing. at that point i knew the true meaning of the word extacy. i would encourage anyone to try the drug at least once, it opens up a new experience that you couldnt imagine. just remember to do it in moderation.

peace, Veronica