My first time...i was in heaven...let me tell you. I met this guy over the internet one night. We were talking for a bit and then through the week we started to call each other. He called me on a saturday night and sayd i should come with him to a local rave called "maze". I never even met the guy and him and his friend nikki came to pick me up. It was weird at first. We went up to a friend of his in welland for the before party. I already had my drug years with weed hash shrooms chrystal meth special k but never an e. When we goto this girls 8 of us all popped in a e. It didnt hit me till we got to the club. It was a great experience let me tell you. I didn't know what i was expecting till it hit. I remember everything which is a good thing. I didn't get into the groove of dancing until a little bit after words. I found my self able to introduce my self to anybody and everyone was nice back. I dont think i frowned at all the whole night. !

The music was great and i danced to it all night, talked to just about anyone which is weird cuz usually im the shy guy. I do it ever other week. Only 1 and if it doesnt give me a roll who cares...i love the music and the dancing and the people either way.