my first experiance with E was the most AMAZING night of my life. My best friend and I went on a five day vacation to visit her sister in Myrtle Beach. When i first started rolling my entire body just got shivers from my toes to my head. i felt like i could hear my heart beat. My happiness was actually undescribable. I was like " there is no f*ckin way that someone should be ALLOWED to feel this wonderful". Just listening to the ocean was a wonder of its own. We went to a big dance club and it felt as if everyone there was making it a point to be my best friend. Then, after smoking pot, your high totally whatever kind of music you are listening to- definetly affects your emotions too. I rolled the next three nights in a row. i couldnt NOT do it. The place that E takes you is a fairytale land that you never want to leave. I've tried explaining where E "takes you" to friends... but truly there is no have to roll to know what a ~~roll~~!

REALLY is!!!!!!!!! keep*rollin*but*be*careful*this*drug*is*evil*:)