The first time I did E was at a rave in D.C. I had never been to a rave before, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. In my group was four girls who had never rolled, and 4 guys including me, only two of which have ever rolled before. This rave was huge! Thousands of people wearing the most excentric outfits, great laser show, pounding music, and one of the rooms was a foam party! It was awesome. Within 10 minutes of being there, all 8 of us popped our pills. The girls started rolling before the guys did, and before too long, all of us were on the dance floor. It felt so cool to connect in a different way with people that you've known for so long. We all told each other how much our friendships meant to each other, and for that night, it seemed like nothing could go wrong in the world. I'm not you're typical druggie or anything. (I stick to pot occasionally and alcohol mostly) In fact, I'm in college right now studying to be a lawyer. If I can give any advice, I guess it would be to try it atleast once. (And if you do it more than once, don't make a habit out of it. It's real shitty to read about people throwing their lives away doing e every weekend.) I needed to satisfy my curiosity. However, know that there are side-effects. Prepare to feel really dirty the next day. (I remember saying to myself the morning after that I can't believe I just did the shit that I'd been warned about not doing for so many years...) In spite of this, however, the pros of doing E definitely outweigh the cons. I've rolled 3 times, and I'm pretty sure that's enough for this lifetime. However, it's definitely an experience I'll never forget. Be safe