EXTASY: UNBELIEVABLE? OR UNBEARABLE? Well to be honest...its definately both..I've done XTC 4 times and all 4 times were incredible. But all four times of coming down from it were complete misery. Music (especially Techno and Trance) feels like it controls the beat of ur heart...it sounds like its inside u. People are so beautiful to u and when someone touches u it feels like u could melt inside them. Sounds great huh? Well give it four more hours and all of that goes away...Suddenly u start to feel stiff and ur muscles ache. Then comes the upset stomache along with the fact that u r intensly and dangerously depressed. All the uplifting sensations start to leave and as it passes through ur body it brings ur health with it. So if ur looking to do it or have done it and just want to see others peoples opinions then please be careful and know what ur body can handle. Remember: "The thing ur claiming has a way of coming back and claiming u"