I was 13 when i started taking Heroine. my mum had resently died and i wanted to excape from what was going on around me. i stole it from one of my m8's bro's who still doesn't know that i took it from him! i did it for about a year untill i was found out by my m8 and she told my step-dad. he took me to a rehab clinic to get me sorted. wen i got through my 6 months in rehab i got a boyfriend and everything was great untill i relised it was exactly a year wen my mum had died and i got very deprest and had to go on anti-depresants by this time i was 14. i broke up with my boyfriend because of this and i thought it was the end of the world!!! so took a over dose of my pills. 5 mins later my step-dad got back from work and found me on the bathroom floor. he rushed me to the hospital to have my stomach pumped out!! i went to see a counciler wen i got out of hospital. i am now helping out at my local drug rehab clinic. i am now 15 years old.