the first time i rolled was with some long time friends and MY MOM which is very cool and understanding so realize i am an adult and she is too and she did raise me to be a great person mind you. Anyway, we went to a local club which was in fact having a mini rave. On the way my mom and I rode alone. I popped mine with my friends before we left (my mom did not do hers so she could take care of me, we didnt know what to expect). In the car my first reaction to it when it first hit me ill never forget my legs started bouncing and i told my mom that this is what heaven feels like and if so i could go at any time (i am a christian). My body felt more incredible than anything to be described. At the club everyone was rolling with dust masks(so cool) vicks inhalers, sucker rings and of course glo sticks. I was so in control of myself unlike any drug i have ever done. If something was going on i did not like i could say no. The one thing about this drug for me is it did n!ot lower my inhibition. I continued on with my friends doing every weekend and sometimes during the week for five months. It then got too much of a hold on me and i had to stop. I have not done it in a very long time, but i took with me some of the greatest memories of my life. and i still love glo sticks.