I've done e five times within 3 years. My ex-boyfriend is a DJ and spun at various clubs and raves. My first time was at a house party he was hired to spin at. It was a pajama party, everyone was dressed up and the house was transformed into this playful festival. The yager knew it was my 1st time so he gave me a hit for free. A 1/2 hour later I still couldn't feel anything so I went to where my boyfriend was spinning and everyone was dancing. All of a sudden my feet started moving from under me and my hands went up into the air. Everything was so amazingly euphoric and wonderful. I was so happy and elated that I didn't know what to do with myself. I wasn't into techno music before but that night changed all that. The beautiful, psychedelic trance music full of energy and delight completely owned me. It was as if I became one with the music. Everybody and everything was enraptured into my happiness. Kissing my boyfriend was like melting together. I was rolling hard!. When morning came I realized I was the only one still dancing, everyone else had gone to bed. It was the most pleasurable experience of my life and I don't regret it for a second. I do have a rule though. No more than 1 hit, no more than 1 or 2 times a year. I think if you need more than 1 hit to have a good time your probably using to often. I haven't done it in a year, I use very moderately, but e is well worth the wait. I know next time I do it it will be great. Remember you don't need drugs to rave, the music is an energetic drug all on its own. I do recommend having the e experience at least once though. First times the best so make sure your in the right environment with lots of good vibes. I also recommend having at least 1 person there that your close to and really trust. Ravers are the most fun loving people I've ever met. Now keep the good times rolling and be safe and take care. Any questions or want to share thoughts? Hyperone21@hotmail