E.. XTC.. the best thing ever made... My first time, my 2nd time.. each an Xperience of its own.. My first i was at a club.. and for sum odd reason it felt like it was a big orgy.. but still it was great.. everyone was so freindly and everyone loved you.. YOU FELT LOVE>>>BY EVERYONE.. no sooner than i took it.. i could feel a tingle of nervousness yet Xsitement.. within a few minutes it was great.. i tripped SO SO SO SO SO SO hard tho.. and like i said an orgy.. I MEANT AN ORGY.. i had a guy on each side.. rubbing my skin.. and just with a touch of skin.. INSTANT ORGASM.............awwwwwwwwww.... it was great!! it was wonderful... BUT THENthings changed.. and i started getting paranoid.. and i kept passing in and out.. and before i new it.. i was layin head first in the middle of the club PASSED OUT.. when i finally awoke i grapped my friend and we went home.. i kept passin out through out the day.. but the next day was awesome.. i still felt as if i was rollin.. but the stomach aches and head aches were unbarable.. it was the worst pain of my life.. WORST.. the next week.. i had no use.. but to go back.. i must go back.. i hafta go back... and so i did.. this time .. to the awesomist club ever!!! i rolled.. i felt great!!!!! i through strings all nite.. and felt great.. and when i walked outta the club that next morning.. I STILL FELT WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! and to this day.. i have never had a better few hours of my entire life... it was wat sumone would describe as a heaven.............................e is worth the Xperience.......... E is life!!!!