i have taken alot of drugs in my existance. and always to excess. Extacy was a great feeling, but it was sad to quicky realize that you can never truly find that happyness in life.. without some sort of chemical in you body. this is very depressing. If you have never taken it, you have nothing to compare this to, and will never miss it or "know what your missing" in the lesser, negative sence of the phrase. you will never find that much joy.. ever. after realizing this, i then had to beging to find beuty in life again. the simple things... like a sunset, or wind blowing accross a feild of grass. that is the negative side of the drug. The positive side is that you, while high, will have the most understanding, compassion, love, and open minded, guard down conversation with people that you would never of been open enough to have. thus, broading your mind and inteletualism. You see the other side of things, and can express your self no hold barred, and be heard by those who are listening.... and understood.

You have to picture what it would be like for a second. Picture a club/rave at four in the morning. Everyone is on E and sitting all around the club. everyone is talking to the total strainger next to them, openly. Everyone is giving everyone massages. It dosn't matter if you are straight and getting a message from a other man, or if your black, or pakastany. You are both just being whole. You look around you and everyone is so happy andeveryone is getting along perfectly.

The next time you will see this king of peace amoung people is in a grave yard. You can't immaging how breath takingly beatuful that kind of "oneness" can be. I am not saying that it is okay to do drugs. or that it is wronge. Eventually, if you do them, you grow out of them.. (exept herowin.. or any drug derivitive form opuim.. that is truly adictave and you will never stop using it.) Most people grow up, have kids, get real jobs and stop doing drugs. in fact, Your parents problably did, weather they admit it or not.

one thing is for sure.... if you ever do them, life will never be the same... ever. good or bad.