*..just another E experience..*

the first time i dropped was at the first time i went to a rave. i went with my boyfriend and his friends.. it was up in los angeles. the whole ride up there i was really nervous. not really for the rave because i had been looking forward to go to one in forever, and i knew i would like it no matter what. but about dropping, i was scared like hell. i had listened to too many bad stories and bad things about e, blah blah etc. my boyfriend dropped while we were in line, but i said i wanted to get a feel of the party before i took the pill. so we got in there, walked around and got a feel of the vibe.. then me and him went up to the balcony at the club and sat on the couch and i dropped it. it felt like 2 minutes, but i guess like 30 mins later it hit me. at first, the feeling was bad. i felt so sick and nauseated and dizzy. i remember thinking, e is not the drug for me.. i shouldnt have done this. my boyfriend already had started to roll and he told me, if u need to puke, just do it, do it right here its ok, no ones watching. i couldnt take it and i bent over and threw up. then i threw up again. it was just water though because i hadnt eaten. after that, i was FINE, which is a definite understatement. i felt soOoOoOoOo good... just in sync with everything and happy. kissing him was so nice, it was such a release. the guy next to me handing me a dusk mask and a cigarette hehe. there were really cool people i got to meet that night, great vibes. it felt like we were only on that couch for a second cuz it felt so good, but i guess it was like 2 hours. then we got up and walked around, met up with the others and they were rolln too. it was nice.. great experience. when i came down,i remember thinking. wtf? thats it? what just happened? what am i doing here? confusion. my boyfriend knew immediately what was going on, and he comforted me and told me it was ok. that was all i needed, i felt fine after that. and the roll came back later.. like when i had a cig, or got a lightshow, i could feel it again. now the second time i dropped (ive only done it twice) it was great too. we were in a home environment, and i was with my best friend also and it was her first time. it was so chill and nice. one thing i will say about it is, i did not feel out of control. many people make E sound like your crazy and you go around and hump everyone and shit like that uncontrollably. i can only speak for myself, but it so wasnt like that for me. i could totally control what i said to people. sure i felt more loving, but it was a good thing. E is definitely a fun and life-changing experience, but the key to it, as any other drug, is moderation. as long as you realize that E is a temporary euphoric feeling, and it cannot be achieved on a daily basis, you*ll be fine. dropping occasionally is okay, it will definitely give you something to look back on and be happy about. just make sure you know the pill is good, youre with people who will watch over you, and you drink enough water. other than that- let the good timez rolllllllllllllllllllllllll