Ecstasy!......hmmm, I've rolled like 20 times in the past 2 years. And at first I loved it, After like my 6th time doing e, my roll was still good, but i hated the peak. It's awful! It makes my stomach hurt, and i feel like "why am i doing this, this is stupid" and i don't like to be touched. I thought it was weird that everyone i knew loved to peak but i hated it. I still do it every now and then. The last time i did it it was great. I took a blue dolphin and LET ME TELL YOU...THAT PILL WAS THE SHIT!!! I had the perfect roll. I didn't peak, I was rolling for hours, and i was in the best mood all night. My thing is that i don't like to roll hard. I like to be fuked up, but i still like to be in control of myself. So some advice to you... if your like me, and you hate to peak, then maybe your body can't handle what your putting in it. so you should try to either take a weaker pill and give yourself a lil' pep talk (it worked for me), or take half and then half.