I've tried xtc twice...both times were great! The second time, I was getting a LITTLE pissed, because I threw up 3 times, but what do you expect, it was a fatty pill. The kind I get are Molly's. A gel capsul with white powder in it. All I gotta say is that if you're curious about xtc, or any drug for that, you should research it FIRST. I smoke pot, I've done coke, and I drink sometimes. I'm 15 years old, by the way! I can't even begin to describe how xtc makes me feel...it's fuckin' awesome, and I'll do it again in a heart beat, please believe! =] but to all of you who has never done it, make sure you research about it first, and make sure you know what's in the pill. XTC is hella dangerous, but is fun too...just don't abuse it. L8r