Read me please My first time "zoomin" thats what me and my peeps in col.oh call it was the summer of 1999 it was truley beautiful I popped with my baby fizzel who had popped once before so he could coach me through we had a total of 3 when we took the first pill I had assumed it wasn't working and I was looking for it but I had noticed that my baby fizzel had already started zoomin so I told him that mine must not be working so we split the last 1 and he told me to hold it on my tongue it would work better so about 5 mins.later I started zoomin I mean I felt light as a feather and feeling like I had smoked some of that purple stuff just feeling really happy and the sky look brighter and everything just felt so good the touching, the kissing and everything else I think that was some real MDMA or close to it we had some o.j close to our side alnight and it was all good. But every since I've popped about 6x since then and it hasn't been the same I've gotten duds and one time it started out good but then I threw up and didn't know what that was about. So I've been looking on web sites to see what else is being said and investigating on the real deal pills and I just don't think here in col.oh there are any of the real deal which makes me not want to I haven't done it since about oct.2002 so I'm about do for another as you say roll trip.Just please becareful because you can find yourself doing to much when zoomin like excessive drinking and other things as you read these little clips and I think you do need to be in a controlled enviroment and people you like and music you love. If anyone out there can help me out holla!