I was fucken loving life the first time i 'peaked' on xTc. An overwhelming feeling of complete happiness. My body was one with the banging bass and uplifting melody of the hard trance sound that filled Home nightclub(sydney). I was in a state of complete euphoria, love, excitement, bliss. Thinking about it makes my heart race even now. I can still feel the tingles race thru my arms :D my mouth streched with the widest grin you've ever seen. My mouth only too happy to play with the lollie pop it contained. My eyes flicked, darted in all directions...the strobes and lasers a visual utopia for my eyes. Brotherly love for the 3000 other ravers at the club. Continuous jumping, foot shuffling. My body, floating thru space as i danced. Non-stop nrG all nite lonG. Hugs and kissed with countlesss ammounts of people. On top of the world. No worries, no troubles. Yes, im a frequent user of xtc...i say, if u dont try it...uve wasted ur life. If ur ever in sydney dont miss Sublime at Home nightclub ;) Keep RaVinG