ok ok ok heres my account it was september 3rd 2002 i was going out to a rave in atlanta and me and justin werew going to have fun so off we went we got there and the music sucked some low rate dj needin pocket money, so our search began and maybe 2 hours later we found the golden pill the white toyota we both got 4 and started to enter our rollin zone well justins hiot like 30 minutes after mine he3 came up to me saying DOOOOOOOOde oom bla doo digeee our little funny shit to say to let eachother know were rolling ballsi was already giving light shows so he gave me another well my lightshows diewd down and i started getting freaky with this s=chik and she just was sooo sexy and i was so horny we almost started fucking on the dance floor but we didnt well i rolled over on this huge ass subwoofer that was vibrating and looked at the cieling and i saw this bookshelf getting ready to fall i pushed her over and told her look out for those books she looked up and looked at my eyes LARGE AS GUMballs SHE SAID DAMN BABY YOURE FUCKED i said aaaahhh hahaha it was sooo funny well the drive home was just as eventfull she was sucking me off like the whole way i couldnt drive it was by far the best night of my life

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