I started drinking and smoking pot when i was about 10. I had a real freaky out of body time warpy trip out on real strong pot when i was about 11 so stoped for a year and would go into warp outs where my ears would ring and my heart would speed up for that whole year on and off, but then i started smoking again and was ok till it happened again so i stoped for another year then started and it happened again but this time i just relaxed and went with it as i knew it was just being really stoned ive now been smoking pot non stop for over 23 years and i think my short trem memory is a bit impaired but i love pot and wish it was legal. I have tryed every other drug too and am a heroin addict who is now on the methadone and is reducing all the time my life is good and in control now and was kinda fun even when i was useing but it had to stop and i needed help. i got it i was sensible and i think the main thing is dont be a real pig with drugs all my piggy friends are fucked now but trully im fine still smoking pot but gave up foul ciggarettes and just take a e now if i go out so i dont feel like going to bed at 11.30 well 9 acctually only real bummer is i got hcv but its ok for now i wouldnt have got it it there was clean drugs around but at the time there wasnt- like all addicts you comprimise yourself for your addiction but its safer than hooning in cars its a no brainer really shame theres so many controling brainless people out there - who are really really hurting a lot of normal people