my advice: be careful what u get urself into, but be even more careful of what u get others into. i learned this the hard way with my adorable lil sis. she looked up to me a lot and me and my friends are all really big potheads. i am more than they are just becuase my mom is dead and my dad doest give a shit about anything anymore so i guess i have way more freedom than most kids do and i abused i more than most kids do. my sis and i had the house to ourselves every weekend and i would always throw huge parties and make her stay in her room. one time i decided she was old enough (13) to smoke with us. she loved it... haha of course. i guess only pot wouldve been ok but i was doing a lot of other stuff at the time: E, shrooms, bars, i sipped lean a lot, pills... all kinds of pills to name a few of the things i was into at the time. nothing hardcore really but still... the little darling was only 13! i smoke cigs and she started, at first she made this funny face whenever she inhaled the smoke... like she was disgusted by it. but i taught her how to smoke and not look like a retard. my bf at the time was a dealer, just pot and shrooms tho. my lil sis wanted to be exactly like me so she went and got a dealer bf too. but hers was bad news. he had an older sister who was a heroin addict and he did uppers and downers everyday to stay "normal". my sister came home one night from the movies rolling and she didnt even know she was on a drug. her bf(who was older) told her that it was a vitamin and he took it too so she thought it was ok. dont get me wrong... i love popping tabs just as much as the next kid but she had no clue what she was getting herself into. Nobody told her that if you use excesively it can get out of hand and that it takes ahuge toll on your health. as i am sitting here writing this i am coming down off of last nights roll. its about 50 degrees in my room but i cant stop sweating. i have gotten myself into a lot of trouble with drugs. mostly becaus i am one of those people who have no idea what moderation means. i have taught my little siser the ways and now she deals pot. things got really out of hand for me when all my friends (who also did drugs) told me that i had gone way overboard and needed to stop. it took awhile andi had to move out of my house at age 16 to live with a friend. i had to quit dance (i was really good.. i had been a ballerina my entire life and i had to quit to get a job after school to pay rent instead of going to rehearsals and dance classes). ya.. im really lucky. my dad isn rich but when my mom died she left me and my sister money in her will. i used most of it for my private school tuition (which was probly wasted because i dont remember shit) but the rest i could use to help pay rent and buy gas and groceries. my lil sis however didnt have friends like mine (i had known them since forever... parents knew eachother before we were born kinda thing) my sister had the kind of friends that u meet at so-and-so's party and u dont really know how u g

feel free to email me ... ... i dont mind whether u agree or disagree with what ive said. i dont pass judgement on anyone other than myself. thanks for reading the whole damn thing and please please please watch over the ones you love.