i started smokin weed in highschool and it really grew on me.I became a heavy chronic and stopped caring about anything, not even school! And then i wanted to get a better high because weed was still amazing, but difference needed to be experimented. I thought about it and settled with estacy. It tore me apart and started taking control of my life...i wouldnt do it everyday, but every saturday thinking that i cant enjoy myself without it! now, i suffer from scoliosis...it is a curve in your spine...its not that bad that i walked crooked or ne thing, but its cuz of the E, and i guess it was a warning. So after that incident i have decided to never take E again because only bad can happen from it. Sure, its an amazing buzz and yo feel great, but think about the other kind of fun you can have without it! I'm not gonna encourage you to stop, because i know i didnt like people telling me to quit, but all i ask is to be careful!