Well,iv never tryed xtc,but hell-im gunna!it sounds so good-just the stories give me the chills.Iv smoked weed and done shrooms.Now Shrooms were some crazy shit i remember most of it....the first 3 times i tryed it-it didnt work-but this one night i thought id give it another shot-i ate 2grams ...waited but nothin happend-so i put another 2 grams in tea-good idea!It hit me...but kinda slow-i was layin in my bfs Bed-sat up looked at him and was like-WOW,his face was like right in mine-but his body was at the other side of the room-I felt hot then cold,but good!Then after about an hour later i started havin all kindza different personalitys-my bf was mad at me-so i turned mad-then he'd laugh and everything would turn crazy funny-then id go sad and then id scream for no reason.I saw Dinosauras shapes on my bf's seiling and thought i was a catapilar in a greenhouse.As i was cummin down i got really paranoid-only cause i had 2 be home in an hour tho-i had no shitty side affects the morning after.But im goin 4 the love drug-soon...maybe my man 2..?