My first experience with E was the fucking shit, i am typing this as i am slowly coming down after a night of clubbing. My friends called me a cherry. Well my first tab was called white unicorn. for about 30 min after i sat and chilled with a shit load of people outside as i was slowly getting happier and more open with everyone. the next several hours after that was one very pleasurable blur that i didn't want to end. I remember me actually dancing! (i cant dance!) the music was just fucking right, i felt like it was controlling me. I also remember getting and giving some VERY sensual massages. The feeling can best be described as having every fuckin muscle in your body just relax, and every nerve ending was wide awake. The light shows are simply indescribable. Every damn person in the club congratulated me on first trying E, and i swear i sat(danced, or laid down) and talked to almost every single person trying to become there best friend. Everyone was REALY friendly, and i felt like i had know all of them forever. To me, it seemed as if everyone you talk to, tries to give you some sort of gift, whether it be a massage, a light show, a binky, a drink of water, a cig, and of course candy. Oh yeah, i also chainsmoked like a bitch, and gave ciggeretes to anyone who asked. 2 of the friends that brought me had to go around 3:30, i had dropped @ around 12:30. So me and another friend (pre-clubbing) stayed because a nice fucking group of guys heard me begging to stay. All in all so far i would have to say that this was one night that will stand out in my memory as the happiest i've ever been. It's about 8:30 now and actually right now im getting a little tired and sore from all that fuckin dancing.-pakman(<