Responding to entry #200 - I have definitely had experiences like this. My first time on LSD, I took 2 1/2 tabs of sunshine and had an experience very much as you described. I took it about five times since and a similar experience happened only one other time when it felt like my friend was predicting things in an otherworldly fashion. My first experience with E was at a large rave in NY and was great. I think alot of it has to do with your environment - your mind requires SO much stimulation on those drugs that if it is not thouroughly distracted or entertained then it will start creating things out of your subconscious to entertain itself, kind of like when you are dreaming. My advice is to not freak out about it - Paranoia is the big destroya. The next time you take a mind altering substance, just be with good people you've known a long time and trust. Also, KEEP YOURSELF ENTERTAINED in the world around you - go to a rave or something similar where you can trip on the lights,etc. Be cool, Take care and have fun.

E-pills?! i took it too many times is death knockin at the door?! I took E for like the 20th time the past 2 times i took it i had a bad roll i thought my best friend was the devil and he was takin my life! He said certain things that ended up being true! He told me i was gonna die off of E and of course he doesnt remember saing that...we both took 2 Fish foods he seemed like he had split personality he told me about a picture of Jesus my parents had on the dresser and he never been in my parents room! The next day i looked on the dresser and there wasnt a picture of Jesus. And for the second bad roll i saw a man that kept following me and my friends every where i looked he was there it was like a demon or sumthin! well after that bad roll i went to my new house cuz we recently moved. When i woke up in the morning guess what i saw!!! A Picture of Jesus on my parents dresser! now how the hell would my friend know about that..physic?! i dunno! Well anyways when i rolled i saw my other friend like mutate into me! He looked juss like me it was like lookin in the mirror! I feel like if i take another pill im gonna die because of what my friend told me...and that shadow figure of a man that seemed like the grim reeper Any1 else have an experience like this?!