Some of you E droppers are trippers.

For me E has never been lovey dovey, felt like a dream or I have never hallucinated at all. For me, its just being majorly energetic and super happy. I've dropped probably about 6 times. MDMA based pills were the best, I lost all inhabitions and danced the night away. Speed based are crap, they just made me feel awake and clear headed.

E isn't suppose to make you hallucinate, whatever pills your dropping have something else in 'em by the sounds of it.

The best time I've experienced on E was last weekend at a Rave. It was wicked, I dropped a White Coca-Cola and a White scorpion and danced the night away. At one stage I was right up the front near the DJ and got lost in the lasers. I was just consumed by the trance beat playing and the smoke surrounding me from the smoke machines, man it was that bomb!