Extacy, i don't even know what to say about extacy. I can't even recall my best roll, or my worst. My first time was in August of 2002 and my second was in January. Since January i've rolled probably over 50 times. I've never had a "bad trip" and the idea terrifies me. It's not that i can't stop, it's just that i don't want to. If i ask myself if i wish i had never done e, the answer comes back as yes. But i still don't regret it. E has made me express some extremely intense feelings and has made me realize the intensity of the love i have for my friends and family, and it made me realize the overall capacity for love that an individual has. I love extacy. I hate it at the same time. But i can't regret it. Each time was worth it. Each time was unique and different. Each time gave me shivers. Reading some of these just made me mad because you can't make a generalization about what a drug will do to you. Drugs are bad, obviously! But if you tried them, you probably had a reason for wanting to do so, other than your friends were doing it. And if you did it again, that probably means you had a reason for that too. E is great, i can't lie. It's crazy what it does to your whole outlook on yourself, and on life. It definitely has changed me but i don't know if it's for the worst. I'm more emotional, sometimes more depressed, sometimes happier. But i know more now than before i ever tried it. I took something new from each experience and it always gave me a new perspective on feelings that i never understood before.