I had tried E when I was out at clubs and already pissed and it did nothing for me so I was really skeptical when my friends decided to get an mixed bag on the Boxing Day just gone. I didn't have anything to drink and popped a whole one and sat there waiting for AGES!! i was getting impatient so I took half a cherry and by the time I got off the train in the city (MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) I was rushing so hard. When I stepped off the train the platform looked like a tunnel and my head felt so fucken light it was flying away. When I first looked at myself in the mirror I literally jumped back cos my eyes were SO big and i didn't recognise myself!!!!!!! I had this unbelievable feeling of happiness and love for everyone aroubd me and my face was fixed in an enormous smile all night which was beggining to hurt my cheeks!! We went to Hard Candy and with the trance music litterally pumping thru your body, with this amazing, undescribale feeling of love and contentment, I danced for hours. All i could keep saying is "I want to be like this forever" Coming down, I smoked a shitload of weed and it wasn't too bad. About 4 days later i did it on New Years Eve and the rush was 10 times better then the first. I know pills can control your life, but the two times I have been out on E, I have had more amazing experiences & met more awesome people than ever going out when your drinking. As long as you yourself knows when to say enough is enough, its all good. I say to people who havent felt this feeling "Don't knock what you haven't experienced!!" I'm young, full of vibe and just want to have fucken awesome experiences!! With E, I can!!

peace.... xxx