Drugs have always been a big part of my life with the few i have experienced. Im 17 and i tred xtc for the first time about two months ago. I was so excited to do it but nervous at the same time. Me and a buddy each popped a half a hit and smoked some joints waiting for the effects. After not feeling anything a hour and a half later, we each took the other half. We both automatically felt horrible blacking in and out of conscieniness. But with a little motivation we did alright. I would of been fine if my friend wouldn'et of scared me so bad, i was just trippin out. But after this experience i have tried it a couple times and gone out raving. i can not even express what an awsome drug this is, probably the best out there!! It gives you a feeling like nothing else ever could, huge aphrodisiac.!!! The only thing that i would recomend is that you realise what you are getting yourself into. It is a hard drug and you get some crazy effects you dont always know what to do with yourself. Deffinitley go out and have a good time not where you are going to be sitting there and thinking about how high you are. But i deffinitley recomend it!! Just remember it is all mind over matter.