I feel a lot has changed in 15 years. I'm 32 now and when I was 16 I took a lot of E. As described in some of these reviews, it was really great. The first time I took E, after about half an hour, my body felt like electricity. It was a bit scary at first cause it was really heavy but ones I got used to the feeling I really felt like I was in heaven. The greatest thing about E, I think, is that all people are SO beautifull. I really loved everyone and everything. I'ver used E frequently for about 6 years but mostly because I really got tired of the club scene, I quit using and only smoke joints since then. Last year, a friend suggested to use E again. So we went to café d'anvers (best club in Belgium) and took some E again. There was a big difference with the pills we had 6 years ago!! I really felt like I took speed (witch I find really discusting stuff) The typpical E-effects were there but verry mild. The speed was really heavy. A few days later I bought some completely different pills and the effect was the same. After about 5 weeks, I got in touch with an old friend becouse I was really fed up with this poor drug. This friend is still in this E-flow since I quit and he told me that these days, 95% of the pills is nothing but fucking speed and other rubbish. He could give me some pills and yes, here was my heaven again! If you're thinking about trying E for the first time, make shure you ask somebody who knows the pills if it's really E. If it is E, you will have a great night, whatever happens. If it gets scary or to heavy, get out, take some air, take some sugar and for all, don't panic! These extreme moments on E don't last long (it's no LSD) and ones you're over them, you get in the best part of the E. It's verry important to realise that it only takes a few moments to be OK again. There's one thing I would like to add : GOD I LOVE THESE PILLS!!!