The first time i rolled was at Industry Night Club in Melrose Park. Now the club is shut down. I wonder why? Ha. It was the best day of my life, and an experience i would never forget. I had just taken my finals in High school. I was a fresham only 14. A hot summer day. It was the shit. I was so happy, and so full of love. Everyone in the club was on it also, so they were hooking me up with light shows, people had vicks, all sorts of crazy lights, even the bouncers knew i was messed up, and gave me candy, and suckers. I was so out of it. I remember when i first walked into that club i was so confused, why people were wearing weird things, and sucking on pacifiers, and dancing so hard, and jumping all over. Well now i know why. I would roll every weekend for 3 years. I would listen to Dj Caffeine, Loverboy, Erik K, and all the rest of the hot Chicago Dj's all the time. I didn't even listen to regular music anymore. Only progressive and euro. I was a true club head or shall i say crack head. Yes i was addicted. I couldn't walk into that club without being messed up. I didn't have fun at clubs unless i was rolling. Then i went to a halloween club event, and got a bad pill. All i remember was jamming to loverboy, and then i couldn't breathe that well. I ended up in the hospital, and i have not touched it since. I am now 18, and i feel a whole lot dumber.